James Maes

CEO / Experienced Tech and Logistics Executive with a unique passion for creating great products, companies, and results. A love for people, family, amateur photography, Apple, great coffee, and just helping others.

Focused Interest:
Helping and Pushing and Supporting those people and organizations around me to be better than they thought possible.

Started as a developer during the run-up to the dot-com days. Have worked as an Senior Software Engineer (Java, AWS, React), Software and Systems Architect, Director of Engineering, Vice President of Software Engineering,  Head of Business Development, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to contribute to and launch a series of successful companies over the past 16 years.

During that time, I have gained a passion for building great teams - and then engaging those teams to create great products - and together creating great businesses.
100% believer that amazing people - focused on a clear goal - guarded by proper management - and given the tools and time to succeed - will create genuinely magical outcomes.

An impactful career as a software engineer, manager, and leader, across teams and technologies. Across all positions and teams - my role is and has always been technical and product leadership. My core strength is the ability to create a common vision and target, and then bring along team members, stakeholders (and distractors) while ensuring that we are always creating assets and never liabilities.