What is High Pressure Processing (HPP)

What is HPP?

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is an FDA-approved method of treating food and juice to dramatically reduce or eliminate harmful bacteria and extend shelf life. Because HPP is a non-thermal pasteurization process, it does not materially affect the food itself, thereby preserving freshness, taste and consistency. HPP extends the shelf life of raw foods from a few days to 45-90 days. This makes food stable and easier to transport, hold, store and sell.

Why choose us?

NutriFresh Services is the premier East Coast HPP-Tolling Facility, with more than 70 million pounds of annual HPP-tolling capacity. Our facilities are conveniently located off the New Jersey Turnpike near Port Newark, Port Elizabeth, Newark Airport and New York City.

NutriFresh offers high quality, safe food storage and unparalleled customer service. With our commitment to accuracy and efficiency, and our state-of-the-art scanning systems, we can turn around a 53″ palletized trailer in under 60 minutes.

Company Highlights:

We lead the revolution in delivering sustainable, fresh/raw food and juice to market using HPP technology

  • The largest one-stop shop for cold-press juice, HPP and e-commerce fulfillment, as well as cold and frozen storage, on the East Coast
  • Generate significant, fast-growing, new and recurring revenue and increasing order size with current and new customers
  • Operate four HPP machines, possessing 10% of worldwide HPP-tolling capacity
  • All machines in one location ensures capacity optimization
  • Annual capacity of 220 million pounds
  • Diverse client base mitigates seasonality and changing consumer trends


About HPP and Hiperbaric:

Best-in-class non-thermal pasteurization with the fastest time-to-delivery available

  • High Pressure Processing (HPP) is an FDA-approved method of treating food and juice to dramatically reduce or eliminate harmful bacteria and extend shelf life
  • Apply pressure equal to six miles of underwater depth to kill harmful organisms without the need for high-heat pasteurization or chemical preservatives
  • Products are treated in their final packaging, greatly reducing the risk of contaminants
  • Unlike thermal pasteurization, HPP effectively kills harmful bacteria and pathogens, and extends shelf life, without compromising freshness, nutritional value, taste, flavor and consistency
  • NutriFresh is the largest cold-press, co-pack/HPP/3PL facility in the country and Hiperbaric’s largest client on the East Coast


Efficient use of energy, water and packaging materials reduces waste while extending product shelf life

  • HPP processing is executed at significantly lower temperatures than traditional thermal pasteurization
  • This reduces cooling systems, accounting for 50% of total energy usage in food processing, as well as water consumption
  • Extending shelf life reduces food waste and lost revenue, and necessitates fewer trash pickups
  • HPP processing takes place after the product has been packaged, eliminating a need for repacking and greatly reducing the risk of food recontamination
  • All HPP products are processed in plastic packaging, which is preferable from an environmental perspective as it can be recycled, can include biodegradable additives and is light in composition, decreasing the impact of transportation